About Us

Sunset Vibes is a line of sustainable, expert luxury swimwear that invites you to forget tugging or sucking in and instead love what you got, created with love in LA by a first-gen Latinx founder.

A big problem needs a serious solution. Women should not struggle to find a comfortable, cute and supportive swimsuit. We assembled a dream team to re-imagine the swimwear experience.

Our lead developer (the founders mom) is a high-fashion pattern maker with 50 years experience creating designs for personalities like Beyoncé.

Our swimwear is anchored in Effortless Support technologyTM for the perfect fit.

We design our suits specifically for a C+ figure, tailoring the dimensions of the cup and strap to effortlessly support the size and weight of a larger breast without sacrificing style.

The Story of Sunset Vibes

"I want to help women feel comfortable, supported and amazing in swimwear. We have all experienced times in the dressing room or shopping online where nothing fits and I’m here to change that. I hope I can help you take a step in embracing and loving your body by feeling comfortable in a swimsuit that you feel fabulous in!"

XO, Denise