In Search of the Perfect Bikini, October 26, 2020

In Search of the Perfect Bikini, October 26, 2020

Ever seen the movie "The Endless Summer?" If you haven't, maybe you've seen the poster:

Part of the reason I created Sunset Vibes was because I could NEVER find a bikini that fit.  Instead of searching for the perfect wave, I was searching for the perfect bikini..and I couldn't find it.

Ever!  I've had a D Cup ever since my junior year of high school, and ever since then I've never had a bikini that I absolutely loved.  They'd always hurt my neck, or my shoulders and lets not even talk about the massive side boob that I always had.  And if they did provide support or comfort, then they were NEVER cute!  I mean I wanted to feel supported, but I wasn't Blanch from the Golden Girls. BTW, shout out to Blanch, she is a badass and a trailblazer:

 I remember one time in like 2018, I was at some hipster store in Los Angeles, searching for a new bikini. I asked someone at the store if they had any pieces with more support.. and she told me, "Oh ya, we have things like that... lets go over to The Granny Section."

The Granny Section.  I'm not kidding this is what she told me, in my 30's.


I didn't buy the bikini that day, but I did have a minor meltdown inspired by an unwanted invitation to the granny section.  The search continued.  I mentioned my inspirational trip to Cuba in my last post, but before we left, I combed the Internet looking for a bikini for the trip.  I was like one of those obsessed bloggers from a True Crime podcast, just on my computer for hours a day googling D cup bikinis, bikinis for busty women, etc.  I was so excited because I was going to let myself splurge on an epic bikini for an exotic vacation.  I found myself with limited options and was shocked at how hard it was to find a cute bikini for my DD's!  I bought several new bikinis, all saying they were for D Cups & bigger. And when they arrived I was disappointed. No Support. Shoulder pain. Not cute. Back to the computer.

So this is another reason why I created Sunset Vibes. I wanted a product that didn't exist.  And truthfully, when I was first making these bikinis, I didn't know they would be so comfortable. When I tried them on, I was borderline shocked at how great they felt.  In fact, the first time I wore them was on a trip to Hawaii and I was obsessed with how comfy the tops were.  I wore the bikinis I had created in place of a bra for the entire trip and I couldn't believe that I had created something so amazing.  And when my friends tried it on they would say the same thing. It was a surreal feeling, and I want to share that with you!

When my husband and I were talking about the business, I referenced this movie poster. I want to be that bathing suit that you always wanted, the one you've always been searching for.  That makes you feel amazing. That you LOVE to wear.

So if you're in search of the perfect bikini...look no further than Sunset Vibes! 

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