No One Wants to Worry About Side Boob – Why Cup Capacity Matters

No One Wants to Worry About Side Boob – Why Cup Capacity Matters

You know what's a real struggle? Bra shopping. It's like trying to solve a complex equation, isn't it? Well, let's chat about one key element that's often overlooked: cup capacity.

Let's Talk Cup Capacity

So, what's cup capacity all about? It's the amount of 'you' that can fit into a particular cup size. Sounds simple, but it gets a little complicated. Factors like your breast shape, density, and volume, as well as the bra's design and construction, all play a role.

Here's something you might not realize: a 32B bra and a 34B bra aren't the same. The 32B has a smaller band size, which means its cups are designed for smaller breasts compared to the 34B. So, the 34B actually has a larger cup capacity. Who knew, right?

Also, cup capacity isn't a one-size-fits-all thing across brands. A D cup in one brand could be different from a D cup in another. Every brand has its own measurement and construction methods, so keep that in mind.

The 'Sister Size' Secret

Want to get a better idea of cup capacity? Check out 'sister sizes.' No, this isn't a brand, it's how a bra cup, like a C for example, can be the same as a D cup. They're bras that have the same cup capacity but different band sizes. Like, a 32C bra has the same cup capacity as a 34B and a 36A. Looking at sister sizes can give you a good idea of what size suits you best, regardless of the band size.

But remember, cup capacity isn't the only thing you need to consider. Band size, style, and fit matter too. Even if a bra has the right cup capacity, if the band size is off, it's not going to give you the support and comfort you need. And a bra with the right band size but wrong cup capacity? That's just a recipe for discomfort.

So, the next time you're bra shopping, remember to consider cup capacity. It's all about how much of 'you' can fit into a particular cup size, and knowing this can make your bra shopping experience a whole lot easier.

I was recently fit at a reputable bra boutique (not Victoria's Secret, they have no idea what to do) and I found out what I thought was my size was WAY off!  It was shocking actually, but now I have a bra that actually fits, keeps the girls where I always wanted them to be, and is comfortable! Here's to finding the perfect, comfortable, and supportive fit!

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